Welcome to the "Virtual" 2021 Armed Services Marathon, 1/2 marathon & 5K:

Since many individuals participated in the 2020 virtual Armed Services Marathon, 1/2 marathon & 5K, we decided to make this option available for this year. We realize that some individuals might not be able to make our scheduled event date or they prefer to run "their own" course at "their own" day and time. 

How this works:

All of our event classifications and distances remain the same as our live event. These include the full marathon, 1/2 marathon and 5K. YOU choose where and when YOU do YOUR event. Most individuals will simply use their "home" familiar training grounds. The window to complete YOUR chosen event can take place from the week before, the week during and the week after our scheduled event of September 25, 2021. This allows you 3 weeks to complete YOUR event. Once you've completed YOUR event, you can submit your performance to our timer's (Epic Race Timing) results page via the link which will be provided. In order to accurately record and upload YOUR event, we'd encourage you to use a Garmin, Strava, Timex, Suunto or Apple watch or other brand GPS recoding device. You can also use an app such as Run Keeper or similar app. We will also determine your placement in gender, age group and overall. Your virtual event results will NOT be applied to the live event results or awards, only the virtual event. The race classifications and distances are shown below:

  • ​Full Marathon:          26.2 Miles
  • 1/2 Marathon:           13.1 Miles
  • 5 K (Kilometers):        3.1 Miles

What's Included:

At the conclusion of the virtual event, we will mail to you your race items. This will include:

                                                                                                                                                 FULL          HALF          5K

  • Official event LONG sleeve "tech" shirt:                                                                           X                X                X
  • Custom event race bib with event logo:                                                                           X                X                X
  • Official event completion certificate:                                                                                 X                X                X
  • Official event finisher medal:                                                                                            X                X                X
  • Event athlete bag with event logo:                                                                                   X                X 
  • Official "VIRTUAL" event overall or age group placement award certificate:                   X                X                X

​Virtual event items will be mailed to virtual participants after the 3 week time frame allowed to complete YOUR virtual event

Registration Details:

​You can click on the "VIRTUAL EVENT" button to register online. The "VIRTUAL EVENT" button is also on the Registration page. You can also register by mail with our "Printable" entry form. The entry fees for the Virtual event are shown below:

  • Full Marathon:          $55
  • 1/2 Marathon:           $50
  • 5K:                           $40

To register online, please click here:

​​​​To register by mail, please click here:

Run Courses:

When it comes to the running courses, you have options. You can choose to do YOUR event outdoors or indoors, if you prefer a treadmill. If you choose to do YOUR event outdoors, YOU pick the run course that YOU are most comfortable with. Most participants will participate at their own familiar training grounds and we encourage you to do so. 


  • Run Safety:
    • Do NOT wear earbuds, headphones or any type of listening device. (You really need to hear and beware of your surroundings)
    • Stay fueled and hydrated
    • Wear bright colored and weather appropriate (loose fitting) clothing


  • As this is a "Virtual" event, YOU are selecting YOUR course for YOUR use. Make sure YOU exercise good judgment in all areas of YOUR event. 
  • We suggest you do YOUR event in low peak (not busy) times and locations (ie: when and where there's less vehicular traffic)
  • Please note that YOU are responsible if YOU cause any Bodily Injury, and/or Property Damage to any individual, property owner, business, or government agency. 


Once you have completed YOUR event, you can click on the link below for results. This link takes you to the results page of our timer, Epic Race Timing. You will find your name, click on the "Edit Time" and be taken to a page where you enter your times and upload your link to your GPS device or app so that your times and distances can be validated. Final results and placements will be determined at the end of the 3 week period of the event. In order to qualify for "virtual" event awards, you MUST validate your times and distances with a GPS device or app.

Have Fun and be Creative:

While a virtual event is not the same as a live event, it can still be very fun. While you're not shoulder to shoulder with fellow participants, you're still racing against everyone in your gender and age group. We would love to see your creative side that you show from YOUR event. Take and share photos and/or videos. Create your own "START" and/or "FINISH" lines. Show your cheering section supporting you. Who has the most creative apparel? How creative can YOU be?

Make Sure You're Healthy to Race:

In the early Summer, we saw and enjoyed a loosening of CDC and health department guidelines pertaining to outdoor athletic events. At the current time, statistics are showing an increase of COVID-19 virus cases and it's raising concerns with CDC and health department officials. Fortunately, events have NOT gone into lockdown. That being said, PLEASE make sure that you're healthy, vaccinated and/or not infected with the virus. Also please follow CDC and local health department guidelines with regard to avoiding and preventing the spread of the virus. For more information from the CDC, please click on the button below:

Additional Questions:

We're always available and happy to answer any questions you might have. You can reach us by using the "CONTACT US" tab on the home page of this event.